March 30, 2011

Picking a winner: Part 1 of the case for a Donald Trump Presidency

Donald Trump is starting to sound like he may be serious. He has been doing the rounds at conservative talk radio, garnering endorsements from right-wing favorites like Michael Savage, and appearing with Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, and, today, Fox News' Bill O'Smarmy. There are plenty of foreseeable problems with a Trump candidacy, but desperate times call for desperate measures and Trump's moment may be nigh. If nothing else, he is NOT Obambi, and he IS a winner.

Comrade Barry, by contrast, is a loser. The accidental President has spent, and still spends, his life as a gangly, confused, sulky, petulant adolescent.

In some ways, his staggering arrogance, fragility, and sense of entitlement are not his fault. Young Barry, under the mentorship of his cracked out communist mother and her revolving-door rotation of black supremacist boyfriends, perfected from an early age the arts of victimhood and entitlement.

Raised on a hearty diet of anti-colonialist one-world black liberation theology, 1960s subversive counter-culturalists, and Affirmative Action, the Boy Tyrant understood two things: 1., that he hated America and her institutions, and 2., that America and her institutions could be milked to his benefit until kingdom come.
Zero had no father to teach him to be a man; to tell him to stop being a putz and drop the coke habit, or to encourage him to develop an identity based around something other than "victim" and "black". He had no father to tell him that Reverend Wright was a lunatic and Bill Ayers is a terrorist; to teach him about this country, and her values and exceptionalism, or to encourage him to endeavor to succeed on the basis of merit rather than social-engineering. Nobody taught him to be a man, to learn how to win with humility and lose with grace, or to know the difference between the earned and the endowed.

His absentee father is not his fault, but his daddy complex is all of our problems. His insecurity and constant need for the approbation of others; his attachment to inappropriate male mentors; his "look at me, look at me, please daddy" grandstanding; his abandoned-adolescent tetchiness and bitterness as he fails to make sense of the world around him - these are our problems. He knows that he did not become an Ivy League undergraduate on merit; he knows that he did not become a law school candidate or teacher on merit, and that his ascent to the US Senate and Presidency were not on merit. He knows that he has the biggest prize in American public life, but even with his ego, he knows that he did not win it.

Barack Hussein Obama's utilization of white guilt, social engineering and affirmative action to gain the titles and trappings of success has been remarkable, but you can hold a prize without winning it. Barry is, at heart, a loser - a bitter adolescent with a permanent sense of victimhood and entitlement. We cannot afford four more years with a child, a weakling, a loser leading the free world.

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