March 26, 2011

Sinking Spring: America's Fall

Sinking Spring Farm in Hardin Co., KY is one of 785 places purported or purporting to be the birthplace of President Abraham Lincoln (I understand that, in the midst of the Obama Depression, trade in Lincoln trinkets, nickel-coated souvenir teaspoons, and Gettysburg Address tea-stained ink jet-printed scrolls remains lucrative). Wikipedia Wisdom (WW) has it that Honest Abe was indeed emitted from the womb at this location, and if Wikipedia says it, it must be true - until, of course, a colorless Cheeto-munching degenerate changes the WW, at which point it will cease to be true, and I will be forced to rename this blog "Podunk, IL", "a matter of debate (see Wikipedia discussion)", or "Maybe Hawaii, but definitely not Kenya". So that's the name part, and welcome.

Lincoln was America's finest President. On a scale of 1-10, where 1 is horrible, Obama is zero, and Reagan is an 8.5, Mr Lincoln makes 10 look miserly. He single-handedly saved this country, freedom's last great hope on Earth, from itself. For one man to be the boldest, bravest, most intelligent, most compassionate, most ferocious, most competent, and most inspiring President in history is remarkable.

Perhaps more remarkable is that the office that he graced, the republic which he saved, and the people who he inspired are now controlled by a madman, a fool, an imposter. Barack Hussein Obama - the accidental President, the Manchurian candidate, the boy-tyrant - is the antithesis of Lincoln: an angry foreigner, dismissive of American exceptionalism, embarrassed by her greatness, and disgusted by her founding principles; an international Marxist, of questionable religious philosophy but unshakably socialist political ideology, who at once has more power and less grace than any President in history.

We live in a world where B. Hussein Obama is favorably compared with Lincoln by double-talking hacks and vermin in the American media who, like their idol Obambi, are either so unaware of, or so in contempt of this country's history and greatness, that they simper and posture and pontificate and watch the whole thing come crashing down. By accident, or by design, B. Hussein Obama is destroying the proud, hopeful republic that Abraham Lincoln saved on behalf of all of God's children. I love this country and the bold, optimistic, democratic, capitalistic, libertarian principles on which it is founded; this country, that our Founding Fathers secured and that God blessed, that George Washington forged and Ronald Reagan personified, and that the military defended and our Constitution protected is at risk. It breaks my heart that freedom's last great hope on Earth may about to be extinguished. I can do little else but rant, and here I will rant.

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