December 9, 2011

Inev(M)it(t)able: the story of a sham

The plot has been written since November 2008, and nobody who has followed the GOP 2012 nomination drama with two eyes open and two brain cells engaged will be fooled by the "two horse race" narrative now being peddled by the lily-livered sell-outs at Fox News, the pink-shirt Beltway 'conservatives' like Charles Craphammer, or the useful idiots on talk radio.

The Republican nomination belongs to Mittens and has from the beginning. The sham nominating process has been one long, painful script executed with terrifying precision with the result of foisting upon this country the most liberal, least sincere, and most nauseatingly insufferable candidate ever to stand as a Republican in a general election.

The charade of never-ending series of 'debates'and the rote-learned analysis across the faux-conservative media has served, rather successfully, to cement the banner of "inevitability" to the overly-coiffured head of the phony flip-flopping turd. A special shout out here is reserved for Fox News' 'focus groups' - those disgusting monuments to Groupthink passed off as scientific endeavor by the fat slob Frank Luntz - in which likely Republican voters are encouraged to salivate over words such as "electability" and "experience" and to 'organically' determine, collectively, that old Willard is the "safe" choice.

In common faux-conservative media parlance, 'Romney won-by-not-losing' every debate. The wooden, robotic, and at times tetchy and irritable reality of his debate performances aside, we cannot help but marvel that such double-talk has been swallowed so easily, repeated so widely, and accepted so readily by those masquerading as neutral observers.

Likewise, the over-hyping, and subsequent destruction, of every new "challenger" to long-John Willard has been designed and executed to further enhance the narrative of inevitability:

Businessman Donald Trump was constructed as the pragmatic "business" alternative to Mittens; within weeks, Mr Trump was painted as rash, marginal, and obsessed with the "birther" issue, in contrast to the "steady", "calm", "statesmanlike" Romney. The asset-stripping carpet-bagging silver-spoon-sucking Wall Street billionaire, Romney - not the self-made and inspirational entrepreneur Trump - had proven himself the "business" candidate.

Congresswoman Bachmann was billed as the "Tea Party" alternative to Mittens; within weeks, Mrs Bachmann was painted as ditzy, wide-eyed, a wilful liar, and an oddball character ill-prepared for prime-time, in contrast to the "commanding", "win-by-not-losing" Romney. The pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage architect of government-controlled healthcare - not the solidly conservative super-mom Bachmann - had proven himself to the "sensible" candidate.

Governor Rick Perry was trumpeted as the experienced "chief executive" alternative to Mittens; within weeks, Governor Perry was painted as a bumbling and inept simpleton, unable to remember a three word list and a sell-out on border security, in contrast to the "articulate" and "thoughtful" Romney. The failed one term liberal Governor of Massachusetts - not the 3 term leader with historically spectacular job creation numbers - had proven himself to be the "leadership" candidate.

Herman Cain is an anomaly simply for the reason that his rise was not constructed on Romney's behalf in the way that the other one-time frontrunners' were. Mittens' apparatus may or may not have been complicit with the vermin in the media and the drug addicts on the left in lynching Mr Cain, but with the stench of the image of the sexually predatory African-American still wafting up the noses of conservative voters, Mittens had now emerged by default as the "safe" and "no baggage" candidate.

And so what of Newt, flying high like this list of great white hopes before him?; engaged, like them, in a "two horse race" or a "Romney-not Romney" dynamic. The Speaker's fate, we can forecast, will be rather similar, and with two debates coming up in the next few days and team Mittens in full attack mode (see tasteless reference to Gingrich's divorce in embedded video) the next chapter is ready to play out: under concerted attack from mad Mitt - such that he is capable of delivering one - Gingrich will (officially) react with "frustration" or "anger"; the discussion will turn quickly to his "temperament" and his propensity for "rasnhness". This time next month, the Gingrich campaign, already lacking organizational strength and solid fundraising numbers, will be battered, bruised, and essentially over.

It will be a major and decisive twist in this political saga; for many, it will be hard to imagine that it was possible to write such a story.

April 30, 2011

Picking a winner: Part 3 of the case for a Donald Trump Presidency

It is often wise to judge a man by those who hate him, and Donald H. Trump is hated by all of the right people. The nauseating spectacle of Barry the boy tyrant, and a previously unknown sexually-confused hospital radio broadcaster, basement bedroom dweller, and latterly 'comedian' mocking Trump at the White House Correspondents' Dinner only serves to confirm that Trump may be worth a serious look. The left is scared of him. Poll after poll shows that Mittens Romney, chat show Mike, and the pleasant-but-pointless Sarah Palin's positions as GOP front-runners are under threat, and it is easy to see why.

As observed previously on Sinking Spring , Donald Trump's appeal - and the source of his threat to the verminous buffoons at the White House tingly-legged love-fest tonight - is that, unlike the alternatives, he is not: a politician, a socialist, a double-talker, a partisan hack, a Washington insider, or a moron. Mittens is all of the above. Sure, chat show Mike may only be a partial moron, Palin may be only a partial Washington insider, and Pawlenty may only be a partial socialist, but Trump is not and these characteristics play pretty well at a time of double-digit unemployment, impending hyper-inflation, and a pompous Kenyan Marxist dictator occupying the White House.

It remains to be seen whether Trump is truly conservative enough, but don't be fooled by talk radio's scepticism: Levin, Rush, Hannity, and the odious Glenn Beck are as cynical and self-serving as any of the scum at the White House dinner; they fear the commercial ramifications of the emergence of a Republican leader who is not at their beck and call and cannot be summoned to the airwaves at a moment's notice.

Anyone who is despised simultaneously by the lame-stream leftwing media, the freakish Beltway hack , life-long Democrat, and somehow-Fox News' anointed GOP king-maker Charles Krauthammer, and the despicable Glenn Beck deserves a certain amount of respect. Step forward candidate Trump.

April 6, 2011

The No List: Mike Huckabee is not the right type of jerk

Barack Hussein Obama is not a nice person. He is a smarmy, petulant, self-righteous little boy who cannot form appropriate relationships with men and engages in horrid, submissive relationships with hideous, dominating women. The roots of Obama's lack of niceness are well documented, here as well as anywhere.

Being nice is not a prerequisite for the Presidency, but not being a cretin should be. A Presidential candidate can be a jerk, but he needs to be our kind of jerk. And so we arrive at Michael Call-me-Mike Huckabee, who is not a cretin, but is certainly not very nice.

Don't be fooled by Call Me Mike's shiny suit, his missing 200 pounds of midriff, or his Fox News issue flat top guitar. Chat Show Mikabee is a brutally opportunistic career politician, a tool, and a liberal. You do not become one of the left's least-hated Fox News Channel anchors without a certain amount of cynical strategizing, or without being a raging liberal. Bill O'Smarmy, Sean Hannity, and the crazed lunatic with the chalk board excite the medicated basement bedroom-dwelling Cheeto-munching degenerates known as the liberal blogosphere to orgasmic proportions every day, but Chat Show Mikabee does not.

This is in part because of the "nice" factor; how could this performing ape, this happy-clappy pastor-with-a-Martin be anything but a harmless old hack, right? Three years ago, Chat Show Mikabee handed the Presidency to the Boy Tyrant by fracturing and demoralizing the Republican Party such that John McCain emerged as the only man capable of fending off a 50 State socialist sweep. Long after his own path to the nomination had evaporated into a cloud of sing-songy compassionate-conservative big-government, big-smile, big-guitar crap, Chat Show Mikabee stayed around purely to block Mitt Romney's path to the ticket. Pastor Mike was entitled to have reservations about Romney's Mormonism, but was not entitled to sabotage a viable and competitive candidate from emerging from his party's nominating process. Whether he did so more out of a personal dislike of Romney, or in order to ensure that a Republican defeat would position him well for 2012, is not of particular importance.

Although he is not a cretin, Huck is not very nice, and the singy-songy self-serving nonsense that he pulled last time he ran - coupled with a remarkably Clintonesque record as Arkansas Governor - means that although he is a jerk, he is not my kind of jerk. Put him on the No List.

April 1, 2011

Picking a winner: Part 2 of the case for a Donald Trump Presidency

"Our weak President, who kisses everybody's ass, is in more wars than we've ever seen...and no-one respects us and nobody respects our leadership...can I do worse?"- so asked Donald Trump of Fox News' Bill O'Smarmy. O'Smarmy, the smug hack, didn't have an answer, but everyone else who has suffered through two relentless years of B. Hussein Obama's socialist revolution does. The putz Obambi has racked up more debt and a bigger deficit in two years than all 43 more worthy men to hold the Presidential office before him. Add to that Federal government death panels for the elderly, deliberate sabotage of the job market in the guise of healthcare policy and stimulus spending, the continued assault on the state of Israel, and a banana-republic style unauthorized declaration of war from the boy tyrant, and it is fairly clear that no-one could do worse.

The question is, could Trump be the man to simultaneously repair the damage that this clown, this loser, has wrought and regain this nation's rightful place in the world economy and geopolitical stage? Here he is in a clip from O'Smarmy's show; I lack the requisite skills to edit out the sanctimonious moron O'Smarmy, but here it is:

What is absolutely clear is that President Donald Trump would not be the laughing stock of the world, a man who emboldens our enemies and terrifies our friends. He would not overthrow friendly, stable regimes to allow the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda to threaten Israel in grave new ways. He would not bow down before the Saudi Royal family, host state dinners for the red Chinese dictatorship, or ban American companies from making our nation energy independent.

Trump may or may not be serious about running, and he may or may not have the credentials to win over social conservatives in a GOP primary. I am a long way, and many unanswered questions away, from an endorsement, but he is a strong man, a leader, and a winner.

March 30, 2011

Picking a winner: Part 1 of the case for a Donald Trump Presidency

Donald Trump is starting to sound like he may be serious. He has been doing the rounds at conservative talk radio, garnering endorsements from right-wing favorites like Michael Savage, and appearing with Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, and, today, Fox News' Bill O'Smarmy. There are plenty of foreseeable problems with a Trump candidacy, but desperate times call for desperate measures and Trump's moment may be nigh. If nothing else, he is NOT Obambi, and he IS a winner.

Comrade Barry, by contrast, is a loser. The accidental President has spent, and still spends, his life as a gangly, confused, sulky, petulant adolescent.

In some ways, his staggering arrogance, fragility, and sense of entitlement are not his fault. Young Barry, under the mentorship of his cracked out communist mother and her revolving-door rotation of black supremacist boyfriends, perfected from an early age the arts of victimhood and entitlement.

Raised on a hearty diet of anti-colonialist one-world black liberation theology, 1960s subversive counter-culturalists, and Affirmative Action, the Boy Tyrant understood two things: 1., that he hated America and her institutions, and 2., that America and her institutions could be milked to his benefit until kingdom come.
Zero had no father to teach him to be a man; to tell him to stop being a putz and drop the coke habit, or to encourage him to develop an identity based around something other than "victim" and "black". He had no father to tell him that Reverend Wright was a lunatic and Bill Ayers is a terrorist; to teach him about this country, and her values and exceptionalism, or to encourage him to endeavor to succeed on the basis of merit rather than social-engineering. Nobody taught him to be a man, to learn how to win with humility and lose with grace, or to know the difference between the earned and the endowed.

His absentee father is not his fault, but his daddy complex is all of our problems. His insecurity and constant need for the approbation of others; his attachment to inappropriate male mentors; his "look at me, look at me, please daddy" grandstanding; his abandoned-adolescent tetchiness and bitterness as he fails to make sense of the world around him - these are our problems. He knows that he did not become an Ivy League undergraduate on merit; he knows that he did not become a law school candidate or teacher on merit, and that his ascent to the US Senate and Presidency were not on merit. He knows that he has the biggest prize in American public life, but even with his ego, he knows that he did not win it.

Barack Hussein Obama's utilization of white guilt, social engineering and affirmative action to gain the titles and trappings of success has been remarkable, but you can hold a prize without winning it. Barry is, at heart, a loser - a bitter adolescent with a permanent sense of victimhood and entitlement. We cannot afford four more years with a child, a weakling, a loser leading the free world.

March 29, 2011

Beware the electable candidate

In common wisdom (verminous media parlance), for a liberal to be "electable", he can be black or white. He can be  a she. He can be an atheist, a black magician, or a Jew. He can be a Catholic, a Methodist, or Muslim. He can be American, or Kenyan, or of unknown lineage: for a liberal to be "electable", he must simply be a liberal.

For a Republican to be "electable", he must simply be a liberal AND be ludicrous enough that even the vermin in the media - the B-graders, the bespectacled, palid little drones who spent High School sitting out of sports and with their heads being flushed down the toilet - may be capable of assassinating his character, destroying his candidacy, and punishing the world for their inability to get laid with four more years of Comrade Barry.

That is why, if you don't smoke pot for a 3PM breakfast, you have held a job for more than a week in the last decade, you have never smashed up a McDonald's store front, and you vaguely value (or understand; that's good enough) the principles, values, and culture that underpin this republic, you should run a mile from any Republican who common wisdom designates as "electable".

We will see who these putzes attempt to foist on the Republican party in due course. Warning signs will include references to "pragmatic" choices; assertions that "the economy is the major issue of the day", and inevitable platitudes about "independent voters" being key.

In turn: a "pragmatic choice" is a vermin mediaism for a candidate who has nothing in common with you but who MSNBC has yet to label a Nazi;

The "the-economy-is-key" narrative in support of a candidate is the vermin media's desperate plea that a Republican voter should overlook the candidate's penchants for killing babies, allowing gays to marry, coddling Muslim fanatics, and opening the border to terrorists, as long as the chosen puppet clucks about balancing budgets/putting American back to work/encouraging enterprise;

"Independent voters", let us be clear, fall into two categories; either, they are radicals leftists or right-wingers who choose to cloak their hardline dogma in the bizarrely-respectable veil of "independent" in order to assume an unearned image of originality of thought or moderation of view, OR they are morons - indecisive, unknowing half-wits of the type who ponder a drive-through menu for ten minutes before asking if the cheese-burger comes with cheese. Independent voters, so-called, are either communists or idiots.

As the 2012 field begins to assemble, and the salivating tingly-legged creeps in the media poop themselves about a conservative landslide next fall, beware the anointed "electable" Republican.

March 26, 2011

The No List: Jon Huntsman

The common wisdom is that the race for the 2012 Republican nomination is wide-open. And, aside from occasions when medicated, obese middle-aged liberal women's penchants for jug-eared black men fuse with their white guilt, there are rarely front-runners (or rockstar-esque constructs) at this point in election cycles.
The mainstream (Obambi-fawning vermin) media has created a bogus narrative of a conflicted Republican electorate flirting at once with the devil (Sarah Palin/"The Tea Party"/"the hard right") and the "electoral realities" (read: leftwing orthodoxy) of finding a candidate with a realistic chance of defeating the boy-tyrant next November.

Take a look at this Fox News story from the Associated Press in which the tangerine-hued Jon (where's-the-H?) Huntsman is cast as the reluctant savior of his party and nation; a born leader of moderation and tact, so modest and yet so inspiring that a whole movement and campaign have been formed organically in his honor; this unfunded, grassroots, mass-movement would be his, if only he would answer the call of duty. 

The story is, of course, unsurprising: this clown is the Associated (de)Press' type of Republican, much as he was Barry H. Osama's type of Republican when he was drafted to serve the boy-tyrant as our ambassador to China. This creep jumped, before he was pushed, from the Governorship of the Holy kingdom of Utah knowing that he had long-since been revealed as a fraud.

Sure, MormonJon wears his long Johns (with an H), worships Joey Smith, and thinks the Garden of Eden is in Missouri, BUT he is pro-abortion, wants gays to get married, and thinks that global (yes-the-earth-is-getting-colder-but-it-may-totally-get-hotter-and-then,like, OMG-what-is-to-be-done-let's-raise-taxes) warming is caused by poor people in their SUVs. This makes him the socially-acceptable type of Republican - one who will only be electable the day God reveals himself to a nutty pot-smoking con-man in the Ohio wilderness, AND (just in case Obambi really is THAT detested) is also a raging liberal.

He is orange.
He supports the abolition of marriage.
He is orange.
He thinks the Garden of Eden is in Missouri.
He is a loyal servant of Obambi the imposter.
He is orange.

For these reasons, Jon Huntsman is a tool and a phony, and a worthy first member of my no list.

Sinking Spring: America's Fall

Sinking Spring Farm in Hardin Co., KY is one of 785 places purported or purporting to be the birthplace of President Abraham Lincoln (I understand that, in the midst of the Obama Depression, trade in Lincoln trinkets, nickel-coated souvenir teaspoons, and Gettysburg Address tea-stained ink jet-printed scrolls remains lucrative). Wikipedia Wisdom (WW) has it that Honest Abe was indeed emitted from the womb at this location, and if Wikipedia says it, it must be true - until, of course, a colorless Cheeto-munching degenerate changes the WW, at which point it will cease to be true, and I will be forced to rename this blog "Podunk, IL", "a matter of debate (see Wikipedia discussion)", or "Maybe Hawaii, but definitely not Kenya". So that's the name part, and welcome.

Lincoln was America's finest President. On a scale of 1-10, where 1 is horrible, Obama is zero, and Reagan is an 8.5, Mr Lincoln makes 10 look miserly. He single-handedly saved this country, freedom's last great hope on Earth, from itself. For one man to be the boldest, bravest, most intelligent, most compassionate, most ferocious, most competent, and most inspiring President in history is remarkable.

Perhaps more remarkable is that the office that he graced, the republic which he saved, and the people who he inspired are now controlled by a madman, a fool, an imposter. Barack Hussein Obama - the accidental President, the Manchurian candidate, the boy-tyrant - is the antithesis of Lincoln: an angry foreigner, dismissive of American exceptionalism, embarrassed by her greatness, and disgusted by her founding principles; an international Marxist, of questionable religious philosophy but unshakably socialist political ideology, who at once has more power and less grace than any President in history.

We live in a world where B. Hussein Obama is favorably compared with Lincoln by double-talking hacks and vermin in the American media who, like their idol Obambi, are either so unaware of, or so in contempt of this country's history and greatness, that they simper and posture and pontificate and watch the whole thing come crashing down. By accident, or by design, B. Hussein Obama is destroying the proud, hopeful republic that Abraham Lincoln saved on behalf of all of God's children. I love this country and the bold, optimistic, democratic, capitalistic, libertarian principles on which it is founded; this country, that our Founding Fathers secured and that God blessed, that George Washington forged and Ronald Reagan personified, and that the military defended and our Constitution protected is at risk. It breaks my heart that freedom's last great hope on Earth may about to be extinguished. I can do little else but rant, and here I will rant.