March 26, 2011

The No List: Jon Huntsman

The common wisdom is that the race for the 2012 Republican nomination is wide-open. And, aside from occasions when medicated, obese middle-aged liberal women's penchants for jug-eared black men fuse with their white guilt, there are rarely front-runners (or rockstar-esque constructs) at this point in election cycles.
The mainstream (Obambi-fawning vermin) media has created a bogus narrative of a conflicted Republican electorate flirting at once with the devil (Sarah Palin/"The Tea Party"/"the hard right") and the "electoral realities" (read: leftwing orthodoxy) of finding a candidate with a realistic chance of defeating the boy-tyrant next November.

Take a look at this Fox News story from the Associated Press in which the tangerine-hued Jon (where's-the-H?) Huntsman is cast as the reluctant savior of his party and nation; a born leader of moderation and tact, so modest and yet so inspiring that a whole movement and campaign have been formed organically in his honor; this unfunded, grassroots, mass-movement would be his, if only he would answer the call of duty. 

The story is, of course, unsurprising: this clown is the Associated (de)Press' type of Republican, much as he was Barry H. Osama's type of Republican when he was drafted to serve the boy-tyrant as our ambassador to China. This creep jumped, before he was pushed, from the Governorship of the Holy kingdom of Utah knowing that he had long-since been revealed as a fraud.

Sure, MormonJon wears his long Johns (with an H), worships Joey Smith, and thinks the Garden of Eden is in Missouri, BUT he is pro-abortion, wants gays to get married, and thinks that global (yes-the-earth-is-getting-colder-but-it-may-totally-get-hotter-and-then,like, OMG-what-is-to-be-done-let's-raise-taxes) warming is caused by poor people in their SUVs. This makes him the socially-acceptable type of Republican - one who will only be electable the day God reveals himself to a nutty pot-smoking con-man in the Ohio wilderness, AND (just in case Obambi really is THAT detested) is also a raging liberal.

He is orange.
He supports the abolition of marriage.
He is orange.
He thinks the Garden of Eden is in Missouri.
He is a loyal servant of Obambi the imposter.
He is orange.

For these reasons, Jon Huntsman is a tool and a phony, and a worthy first member of my no list.

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