April 1, 2011

Picking a winner: Part 2 of the case for a Donald Trump Presidency

"Our weak President, who kisses everybody's ass, is in more wars than we've ever seen...and no-one respects us and nobody respects our leadership...can I do worse?"- so asked Donald Trump of Fox News' Bill O'Smarmy. O'Smarmy, the smug hack, didn't have an answer, but everyone else who has suffered through two relentless years of B. Hussein Obama's socialist revolution does. The putz Obambi has racked up more debt and a bigger deficit in two years than all 43 more worthy men to hold the Presidential office before him. Add to that Federal government death panels for the elderly, deliberate sabotage of the job market in the guise of healthcare policy and stimulus spending, the continued assault on the state of Israel, and a banana-republic style unauthorized declaration of war from the boy tyrant, and it is fairly clear that no-one could do worse.

The question is, could Trump be the man to simultaneously repair the damage that this clown, this loser, has wrought and regain this nation's rightful place in the world economy and geopolitical stage? Here he is in a clip from O'Smarmy's show; I lack the requisite skills to edit out the sanctimonious moron O'Smarmy, but here it is:

What is absolutely clear is that President Donald Trump would not be the laughing stock of the world, a man who emboldens our enemies and terrifies our friends. He would not overthrow friendly, stable regimes to allow the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda to threaten Israel in grave new ways. He would not bow down before the Saudi Royal family, host state dinners for the red Chinese dictatorship, or ban American companies from making our nation energy independent.

Trump may or may not be serious about running, and he may or may not have the credentials to win over social conservatives in a GOP primary. I am a long way, and many unanswered questions away, from an endorsement, but he is a strong man, a leader, and a winner.

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