April 30, 2011

Picking a winner: Part 3 of the case for a Donald Trump Presidency

It is often wise to judge a man by those who hate him, and Donald H. Trump is hated by all of the right people. The nauseating spectacle of Barry the boy tyrant, and a previously unknown sexually-confused hospital radio broadcaster, basement bedroom dweller, and latterly 'comedian' mocking Trump at the White House Correspondents' Dinner only serves to confirm that Trump may be worth a serious look. The left is scared of him. Poll after poll shows that Mittens Romney, chat show Mike, and the pleasant-but-pointless Sarah Palin's positions as GOP front-runners are under threat, and it is easy to see why.

As observed previously on Sinking Spring , Donald Trump's appeal - and the source of his threat to the verminous buffoons at the White House tingly-legged love-fest tonight - is that, unlike the alternatives, he is not: a politician, a socialist, a double-talker, a partisan hack, a Washington insider, or a moron. Mittens is all of the above. Sure, chat show Mike may only be a partial moron, Palin may be only a partial Washington insider, and Pawlenty may only be a partial socialist, but Trump is not and these characteristics play pretty well at a time of double-digit unemployment, impending hyper-inflation, and a pompous Kenyan Marxist dictator occupying the White House.

It remains to be seen whether Trump is truly conservative enough, but don't be fooled by talk radio's scepticism: Levin, Rush, Hannity, and the odious Glenn Beck are as cynical and self-serving as any of the scum at the White House dinner; they fear the commercial ramifications of the emergence of a Republican leader who is not at their beck and call and cannot be summoned to the airwaves at a moment's notice.

Anyone who is despised simultaneously by the lame-stream leftwing media, the freakish Beltway hack , life-long Democrat, and somehow-Fox News' anointed GOP king-maker Charles Krauthammer, and the despicable Glenn Beck deserves a certain amount of respect. Step forward candidate Trump.

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