December 9, 2011

Inev(M)it(t)able: the story of a sham

The plot has been written since November 2008, and nobody who has followed the GOP 2012 nomination drama with two eyes open and two brain cells engaged will be fooled by the "two horse race" narrative now being peddled by the lily-livered sell-outs at Fox News, the pink-shirt Beltway 'conservatives' like Charles Craphammer, or the useful idiots on talk radio.

The Republican nomination belongs to Mittens and has from the beginning. The sham nominating process has been one long, painful script executed with terrifying precision with the result of foisting upon this country the most liberal, least sincere, and most nauseatingly insufferable candidate ever to stand as a Republican in a general election.

The charade of never-ending series of 'debates'and the rote-learned analysis across the faux-conservative media has served, rather successfully, to cement the banner of "inevitability" to the overly-coiffured head of the phony flip-flopping turd. A special shout out here is reserved for Fox News' 'focus groups' - those disgusting monuments to Groupthink passed off as scientific endeavor by the fat slob Frank Luntz - in which likely Republican voters are encouraged to salivate over words such as "electability" and "experience" and to 'organically' determine, collectively, that old Willard is the "safe" choice.

In common faux-conservative media parlance, 'Romney won-by-not-losing' every debate. The wooden, robotic, and at times tetchy and irritable reality of his debate performances aside, we cannot help but marvel that such double-talk has been swallowed so easily, repeated so widely, and accepted so readily by those masquerading as neutral observers.

Likewise, the over-hyping, and subsequent destruction, of every new "challenger" to long-John Willard has been designed and executed to further enhance the narrative of inevitability:

Businessman Donald Trump was constructed as the pragmatic "business" alternative to Mittens; within weeks, Mr Trump was painted as rash, marginal, and obsessed with the "birther" issue, in contrast to the "steady", "calm", "statesmanlike" Romney. The asset-stripping carpet-bagging silver-spoon-sucking Wall Street billionaire, Romney - not the self-made and inspirational entrepreneur Trump - had proven himself the "business" candidate.

Congresswoman Bachmann was billed as the "Tea Party" alternative to Mittens; within weeks, Mrs Bachmann was painted as ditzy, wide-eyed, a wilful liar, and an oddball character ill-prepared for prime-time, in contrast to the "commanding", "win-by-not-losing" Romney. The pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage architect of government-controlled healthcare - not the solidly conservative super-mom Bachmann - had proven himself to the "sensible" candidate.

Governor Rick Perry was trumpeted as the experienced "chief executive" alternative to Mittens; within weeks, Governor Perry was painted as a bumbling and inept simpleton, unable to remember a three word list and a sell-out on border security, in contrast to the "articulate" and "thoughtful" Romney. The failed one term liberal Governor of Massachusetts - not the 3 term leader with historically spectacular job creation numbers - had proven himself to be the "leadership" candidate.

Herman Cain is an anomaly simply for the reason that his rise was not constructed on Romney's behalf in the way that the other one-time frontrunners' were. Mittens' apparatus may or may not have been complicit with the vermin in the media and the drug addicts on the left in lynching Mr Cain, but with the stench of the image of the sexually predatory African-American still wafting up the noses of conservative voters, Mittens had now emerged by default as the "safe" and "no baggage" candidate.

And so what of Newt, flying high like this list of great white hopes before him?; engaged, like them, in a "two horse race" or a "Romney-not Romney" dynamic. The Speaker's fate, we can forecast, will be rather similar, and with two debates coming up in the next few days and team Mittens in full attack mode (see tasteless reference to Gingrich's divorce in embedded video) the next chapter is ready to play out: under concerted attack from mad Mitt - such that he is capable of delivering one - Gingrich will (officially) react with "frustration" or "anger"; the discussion will turn quickly to his "temperament" and his propensity for "rasnhness". This time next month, the Gingrich campaign, already lacking organizational strength and solid fundraising numbers, will be battered, bruised, and essentially over.

It will be a major and decisive twist in this political saga; for many, it will be hard to imagine that it was possible to write such a story.

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